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GUESS WHO’S COMING FOR DINNER? A friend gets married so the girls stay at my sister's. Links for Leotards - Link for Dashikis - Links for ...
Behind the scenes for The Guardians This is a martial art film I was apart of. The Guardians.
1 Year Anniversary ! Hello Everyone! We shot these videos during the end of May, and decided to show you guys our first vacation together :) Like if you enjoyed! Instagram: ...
Can't listen. That person that don't know how to listen just interrupt.
Stop begging! The one person that annoys the shit out of you with there begging.
Having a bad day When your having a bad day and you go F**k off!!!
The hand shake When someone wants to shake your hand but you don't trust there your hygiene so you give them the pound.
Dirty ass floor skit. When you go over to someone's house and there floor is dirty then the outside ground.
AMBW VLOG - our first VLOG !!! Our first vlog Make sure yall support Hit the like button Comment below what you guys would like to see or for us to talk bout !!!
DubSmash compilation Like my page on Facebook @shodome. Follow me on ig @sho_do_me. And subscribe to me.
Special You are special! Most important you need to believe that. No one else will see your greatest until you do. Envision what you want and watch for the signs.
AMBW skit : Too thirsty Follow me on ig @sho_do_me. Like my page on Facebook @shodome. And if you like this video share it.
AMBW couple. ShoDo & Gigi Check out how we be. I'm a fool. Lol.
Ambw: love the coco Like my page on Facebook @shodome Follow me on Instagram @sho_do_me.
Ambw: Asian man speak stereotypes. Let's create a different stereotypes for us. Like the fan page on Facebook @Ambw for life. My page @shodome Instagram @sho_do_me.
Ambw: you not alone! Let it be known that we all over the world!!! Ambw - ShoDo follow me on ig @sho_do_me like my page on facebook @shodome.
Be comfortable in your own skin! You want that perfect relationship you want that perfect life you want to feel happiness on a daily bases. Then be comfortable in your own skin!
AMBW Response to ShoDoMe Why do Black Women like Asian Men?
Ambw: response too why you ladies like Asian men. Ladies I love the response you gave me lets keep making this Ambw world wide.
Ambw: response for the ladies!!! Ladies check it out answering a lot of questions you probably have bout me.
AMBW: I love natural hair on a black woman Like me on facebook @shodome. Follow me on Twitter @shodome1 Instagram @sho_do_me. I love yall black women!!!
Ladies I'm cutting my hair off Watch me while I go to the barbershop and get this long ass hair cut off.
Ambw: Why I Love Black Women! These are my reasons for why I adore and like Black Women. Ladies show yo love and Subscribe and Like this video.
ShoDoMe ShoDoMe is a actor/model. I love to bring happiness to others there is no better feeling.
Christmas illumination in caretta Shodome(Tokyo,Japan) 2009.12.30 I made this movie to learn how to use Adobe Premire CS3. Let's watch! SPEC: movie:W61CA photo:EOS 5D+EF28mm F1.8 USM.

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