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i know that starting over's not what life's about, but my thoughts were so loud i couldn't hear my mouth | yyc
#repost @budadafuture
@DaveEast #paranoia2 is Number #1 on @itunes Thank You All great way to start the year @budadafuture @grandzmuzik @mattpatterson_ @beatbutcha_soi @joejoebeats @citoonthebeat @dasanchize
From smoke, I came, and to smoke I shall return.. #photooftheday
Time to return to a bit of normalcy. Gotta get back into the groove of taking pictures. I have been in a creative rut, but I have waded into a breeze of inspiration. So here we go again... 😏🍃🌿
Waiting 🕵
#kecikbelanjagambar @khaliquekerr
Missing the motherland.. tap forsound. Ph feels 🇵🇭 #homesick
3 posts in one day, bruv? It’s mental, innit. #visualeraphoto ft. @tylervictoriamusic
I rewatched Top Boy today lol
Shoot2Kill A small channel that try's to upload at least 2 times a week or once. I upload most free games on steam and some that cost money. I don't have the best PC but its decent. I play Borderlands...

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