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Вы когда видите бензиновые разводы о чем думаете? Я о том, что мимо явно пробегал единорог🦄 тот самый, который радугой писает🌈😂
#наулицахнашегогорода #аунасводворе #дневникмоейпамяти #моментыжизни #войка #войковская #сокол #aerosokol
Salah satu contoh penampakan seperti apa muka dua itu..
datar kan?
Volete un'idea per un centro tavola natalizio? Sul blog vi aspetta un post che vede protagonista la bellissima stella di Natale, perfettamente in tema per le nostre tavole. Un'idea semplice, perfetta anche per un regalo. Venite a leggerlo? Link diretto ...
There is a love I reminisce,
Like a seed
I've never sown.

Or lips that im yet to kiss,
and eyes
not met my own.

Hands that wrap around my wrists,
and arms
that feel like home.

I wonder how ...
Vuoi essere originale con la tua amata ? Allora regalale un mazzo di cavolo nero! Il successo è assicurato 😂😉❤️ 🍲 #cleaneating #cleaneatingideas #toptags @top.tags #cleaneatingchallenge #cleaneatingrecipe #cleaneatinglifestyle #cleaneatingjourney #cleaneatingaddict #cleaneatingdiet #cleaneatingforlife #healthychoices #healthy #healthy #photooftheday #realfood #cleaneats #foodie #foodgram ...
Always keep the simple and loving 💓 of your childhood
Друзья, у кого есть старинные часы с шишками на цепях (=гирями)?
Может кому-то нужна шишка?
Есть такая! Отдадим по цене закупки 😉 (на 2 фото)
🐴А на первой фотографии подкова на счастье!
🎠Для городских-городских, шанс найти ее у которых невелик ...
Kerjaan ditiap pagi .. ngecek list obat yang mau habis .. ngecek list harga obat, dll sambil ngupi2 dan ngebiskuit ..
@uploadkompakan #uk_3thbekasi #uploadkompakan
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[MMDxOC]SeaHolly- Luan Wa I was honestly iffy about the videos because at certain points it was kinda, uh, snapish, if that is even a word, at points of movements; but I did have fun with it. And I get to introduce...
SnapIsh 💋💯 SnapChat ish with Chynki B❗️
Appreciation post for Instagram @_thorned_rose A gratitude post to all those wonderful hubs. Thank you for letting me be a part of your Amazing and beautiful galleries. ..☄ ☄ @[email protected]_excellence @heart_imprint @allthings...

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