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This is how I’ve been feeling lately.
Back to the world, but my prayer always up in gratitude.
This month has been difficult for me mentally. In one month, men have assaulted and harassed me in four different situations.
More beard Oil has just arrived 🙌🏻
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Playing around with a friend of mine last weekend, he was showing me a few cool acro yoga tricks & transitions. I am fairly new to acro yoga, so I felt a little clumsy. But I realized very quickly how ...
🙇🏻Male client alert! This client in his 50s came to me with his severe case of crows feet! 💉I injected 20 units total between the sides to soften his wrinkles! 👩🏼‍⚕️Once wrinkles have set in, Botox will not make them ...
In possible
I'm floating in a literal sea of possibility
In possible
I know possibility intimately for I am IN it
And I enjoy the open expansiveness of it
The bottomless nature
The Infinite
“In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside you” >>>
In this busy season we can easily be swept away in the rush. Take the time to connect with yourself and your breath. A moment or two simply ...
This evening, join for Gentle Yoga. 7:30pm at @trueselfcentre
#repost @trueselfcentre (@get_repost)
Gentle Yoga with

This Monday at 7:30pm

Gentle: having or showing a mild, kind, or tender temperament or character. Let's explore how to create this ...
advanced training today 🙌 with @inmodeaesthetics this is what chill girls do on their days off •lift•tone•soften• call us for your FREE consultation 😉💋 xo chillgirls #lovetheskinyourein #forma #inmode #facelift #noninvasive #getyourchill #lift #tone #soften #allergan #chillspa #nhspa #nhadvanced #advancedskincare ...
I have to trust what was given to me
if I am to trust anything
it led the stars over the shadowless mountain
what does it remember in its night and silence
what does it not hope knowing itself no ...
I saw this when I came out of the gym today!! 3 Days later and the snow is still here! BE SURE TO LET THE SUN/ SON SHINE IN AND THROUGH YOU TODAY!! “while it is said: “Today, if you ...
Folks the roads and car park are a mess and are only going to get worse. As much as I’m looking forward to seeing you all later, please take care and judge the journey carefully. X

#stralayoga #stralaeverywhere #strala #boysofyoga ...
{Monday Yoga Offering 5 PM at @infiniteyogafit} "1.3 United in the heart, ❤️ consciousness is steadied, then we abide in our true"-NJD Interpretation of yoga sutra 1.3 🙏🏼Did you know that child's pose is both heart opening and softening. ...
Se recomienda tener el equipo adecuado para cada tarea junto con los productos adecuados, de esta manera te aseguraras de no realizar doble trabajo, ni mucho esfuerzo. En La Esclava encuentras todo lo que necesitas para que tu hogar permanezca ...
Morning, friends...there's a few extra times to catch me @thedharmatemple over the next couple of weeks, starting THIS MORNING @ 9:30...
Let's open the channels and start clearing out any debris 2017 has created. Using the wisdom gained ...
M.E. Commerce Pty trae el Nuevo modelo de EOS Shimmer Lip Balm Sphere Sheer Pink🙌🏻💋Son 100% naturales y 95% orgánicos, contienen aceite de jojoba, manteca de karité, vitamina E y son ricos en antioxidantes‼️Hidrata y mantén tus labios sanos y ...
EOS Lover‼️👄🤗Para todos‼️ Hidrata y mantén tus labios sanos🙌🏻 Escríbenos al direct para mayor información, o al 66283085📱Tenemos excelentes precios y variedad de sabores y colores😱 #eos #eoslipbalm #lips #lipbalm #like4like #cool #eoslover #skin #care #beautiful #shine #soften #flavor #sabores ...
The difference b/w leading and following is the feeling in your HEARTSPACE, that expansive place at the centre of your chest that’s usually guarded by a thick armour. How can your soften into it?
• breathe. Invite your breath ...
The process is the purpose my love.
Deep and wide
Knowing and unknowing
Remembering and forgetting
Much as we touch infinity in the microsecond between breaths...
So too we touch where we desire to be as ...
⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽👪😍#cutebaby #sweetbaby #cool #soften #goglo #moglo #handsom #sohna #putt #son #just #baby
La Luna Sangre: Jacintha tries to soften Gilbert's Heart | EP 124 Jacintha tries to soften Gilbert's heart by helping the children in need. Subscribe to the ABS-CBN Entertainment channel! - Visit our official website! http://entertai...
Soften The Glare - Making Faces (2017) (Full Album) Released September 1, 2017. "Making Faces" the debut album from Soften The Glare! The band consists of bassist Ryan Martinie (Mudvayne), guitarist Bon Lozaga (Gong, Gongzilla) and drummer...
Soften The Glare "Turn Around" Ryan Martinie, Bon Lozaga, Mitch Hull "Turn Around" the first song on the debut CD from Soften The Glare release date Sept. 1 2017. Available at Bandcamp, CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes, etc.
How To Soften Leather Shoes with Olive oil | Coconut oil | Vaseline | Shoe polish How To Soften Leather Shoes with Olive oil: How To Soften Leather Shoes with Olive oil | Coconut oil | Vaseline | Shoe polish: Subcribe our...
HOW SOFTEN NATURAL HAIR Helo lovelies,✋ In today's video i shared how to soften natural hair. This is what is being helping me to manage my hair. And I got lots of questions about how to soften natural hair. As...
SOFTEN | Les rafales (version alternative) Version alternative de la chanson "Les rafales", extraite du BMX EP de SOFTEN (2017) / Version originale disponible sur l'album LES HEURES BLANCHES (2016). Téléchargement libre du EP: www.soften...
How to Soften a Stiff Old Wig! Hey GlamFam! In this video I'll show you how to revive an old, stiff wig and make it look brand new again! All products I used will be listed below. I couldn't find the exact round brush...
Soften | Avant que l'on vive Soften | Avant que l'on vive Réalisation: Nadine Mojado & Nils Aellen Homme de main: Jérôme Giller Extrait de l'album "Les heures blanches". © Soften / Murmuration Records, 2016. ...
Soften rubber parts Some rubber parts go like solid plastic after being exposed to UV, oil and just age... seems brake fluid is a solution for some rubbers...

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