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If 'happiness' took the place of 'air', all the tributes in this world would have been exhausted. Happiness is expe… https://t.co/LRgvTEpNi1
Congrats Idol Gerome Jose Reyes 🎉😂 galing mo talaga idol!👏😁
#Champion https://t.co/WbilqJpqIv
one of the few times I actually left my house 🙃

#model #modelphotography #summer #artist… https://t.co/vg7tUaNVho
How i'm walking out of 2018 and into 2019.
Lions only roar when they need to and never for their own benefit. Their… https://t.co/U1sy4FDtao
16 poets head to head single elimination in a boxing ring. Fun way to spend a Sunday here in Port St Lucie.… https://t.co/mzfhlGrrzu
MEMORYA (Likha Series) - Spoken Word Poetry // Beverly Cumla Hi! Ako si Beverly Cumla, isang manunulat at manunula. Ginawa ko 'tong serye na ''to para bigyang boses ang nananahimik na mga salitang gustong ...
Studio 7: Walang Titulo by Ericka del Rosario (Spoken Word Poetry) Here's another masterpiece from the 'Studio 7' production, a mashup of spoken word poetry and live singing performance. Track list: Walang Titulo - Ericka del ...
BAKIT IKAW PA? (Likha Series) - Spoken Word Poetry // Beverly Cumla So I made this video because someone challenged me to do a Spoken Word Version of different songs. I found it interesting so here it goes! Hindi ko sigurado ...
LUNA - ANTONIO BATHAN (Spoken Word Poetry) Please SUBSCRIBE, HIT LIKE button!!! Share it on your Facebook Account! ANTONIO BATHAN DRIPPED ART MOVEMENT Indie-Go Kanligma Artist ...
KUNWARI TAYO - Spoken Word Poetry // Beverly Cumla Hello! This is Beverly Cumla, I do Spoken Word Poetry Videos, I write, and I perform. I also write and make short films, act for it and direct at the same time.
Spoken word poetry para kay ex💔😥(para sa mga iniwan at pinagpalit ng hindi alam ang... Para akong pinaasa, ng isang paasa Na pinaniwala ako sa salitang " Mahal kita" Kahit hindi naman talaga Para akong pinaglaruan,ng isang laro Na kapag ...
A Letter to Myself │Spoken Word Poetry Sometimes we need to let out our thoughts and emotions in order to process what we're thinking and feeling about ourselves and about life. Written & Performed ...
Move on "Spoken word poetry" Entitled:Move on Written by: kristel Ramos Tagalog Spoken word poetry.

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