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Taylor Swift Edit & Thank You For 300! (^^) Hello Gizzy's! I'm back! So I guess during my trip I hit 300! And for that I want to thank you guys with an edit that I will be working on! But, THANK YOU ...
taylor swift edit | OTW enjoy this scrap uwu - ac; xautotelic (ig) cc; meeeeee.
Taylor Swift Edit (Version 2) I love Taylor. Version 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhqnisP1vek (has a different transition into Rep.) Social: Twitter https://twitter.com/MuffinMooon ...
Taylor swift edit Instagram : jeevikakrishan117 Subscribe to my channel Please comment share and subscribe.
Perfect Places - Taylor Swift Edit "I'm sorry, the old Taylor can't come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, cause she's dead..." ...but she's always here I hope y'all like this edit, please like and ...
It's a Taylor Swift Edit Hwasup guys! This is just a Taylor Swift edit I did a while back when I was really into making video edits lol. A tribute to the old Taylor haha.
Taylor swift edit Go follow my tay insta lol @https.swift :)
Taylor Swift Edit This is an edit of Taylor's new music video.
paradise ; taylor swift edit i was bored so i made this. the story basically goes like this... act 1. a young girl fantasizes about a future where she is free and happy. its simplistic and childish, ...
Aphmau music Video-Look What You Made Me Do-Taylor Swift (edit/music video x3) Hai! Sorry if this was bad/(could have been improved) it was just a small idea i had and decided to try before to many other people decided to make it lol) Butttt..
She Way Out - Taylor Swift Edit You just gotta love Taylor mum dancing at award shows ahaha.
Taylor Swift Edit (Acapella-Karmin) None of these photos are mine.Only the edit is mine. Song:Acapella-Karmin.
Taylor Swift Edit My friend sent me this video and I love it! Enjoy! Subscribe, like, and comment❤️
Taylor Swift edit videos I love Taylor Swift! She's my idol! I know there are any more admires for her, so I make edits for them!
Taylor Swift edit So this is my first edit and it's supposed to be for Instagram which is the reason why it's really short ! ;) IG: @journey2swift.
Taylor Swift (edit mix) Sorry the song is called taylor swift ( a guy i know) n'ot the video. From the Free Download album 'Stars & Planets' by Jason Jazz Edwards' out soon keep ...

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