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Pakistan kay dushman woh hain jinho nai dahshatgard paalay huway hian ,aur baher sai dhashatgard import karain hain aur poori dunya mai badnaam kya Pakistan ko? One Question for the People of Pakistan,Why the Pakistan Army,Pakistan Judiciary ,Pakistani Government ,Pakistan ...
The horrific and disturbing final moments of Jordanian Air Force pilot Muath Al-Kasasbeh is shown from an ISIL propaganda video as they burn the pilot to death inside of a steel cage. Somewhere in or near Raqqa, Syria. Circa January ...
This is a long one but I don't care. Read if you want. Or just like and leave.
Life is horrible in many ways, the goverment, terrorists, humanity, politics, people chewing gum with their mouths open, just little things in ...
At least 235 people were killed at a mosque in Egypt, according to authorities.
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#terrorism #terrorists #radicalislam #isis
#egypt #mosque
#militants !?!? Why do you call these #terrorists militants !? Because they attacked a mosque ? #sufism is the only spiritual branch of a religion otherwise #dogmatic #political and #dangerous @nytimes #wtf
*Don’t look at next post content if you can’t bear blood..*
Inna lilahi wa inna ilaihi raji’ūn..
[To Allah we belong and to Him we return]
I don’t know if i should be happy because they died on ...
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Terrorists exploded the vicinity of a mosque in Arish at the Friday prayers Al-Bawaba News, for its readers and followers, provides a news bulletin for the most important news today as part of its plan to provide distinguished services.
#pakistani entire system has been politicized, nothing ever seen to escape nation wide Net #corruption, Nepotism & #corruption is Become Fashion in Pakistan Coz of Systematic Corruption Pakistan is A Safe Haven For #terrorists I strongly Condemned Terrorism, #corruption, #nepotism
More 'terrorists' added to Saudi-led bloc's blacklist The Saudi-led bloc against Qatar just blacklisted more 'terrorists.' A Muslim scholars' union led by Qatar-based Yusuf al Qaradawi was one of those additions.
Duterte eyes proclamation tagging CPP-NPA as 'terrorists' President Rodrigo Duterte announced on Saturday, November 18, that he plans to issue a proclamation tagging communist rebels as "terrorists." FULL STORY: ...
WHY I LOVE TERRORISTS It seems like wherever we go we can't escape conversation, media, or general fear of terrorists. In this video I share why I love terrorists and why I think we ...
Jeremy Corbyn | Terrorist Attack in London My response to the terrorist attack in London. Those who wish to harm our people, divide our communities and attack our democracy will not succeed.
London terror: Police shoot dead terrorists within eight minutes The three London attacks terrorists were shot and killed by police who used an "unprecedented number of bullets", close to the Wheatsheaf pub. They were ...
'They're evil losers!': US President Trump on terrorists behind Manchester Attack US President Donald Trump denounced the perpetrators of Monday night's deadly attack in Manchester as 'evil losers' during a speech in Bethlehem, Tuesday.
Trump to Muslim world: Drive out terrorists President Trump speaks to the Muslim world at the Arab-Islamic-American Summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
'To take revenge on terrorists': Special 'ISIS Hunters' unit arrives at outskirts of Palmyra The unit is formed of an elite special force and is currently charged with guarding the outskirts of Palmyra and crucial infrastructures such as oil & gas fields and ...
Adam Hills Has A Message to Any Terrorists In London - The Last Leg Adam Hills has words to say to any Terrorists planning on attacking London... Subscribe to The Last Leg: http://bit.ly/1ck6MKa Watch The Last Leg on Channel 4, ...

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