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Wow @WhoopiGoldberg lost her cool and got absolutely Hysterical over talking to @JudgeJeanine . ThatTrump Derangem…
We're taking a tour today of #Oprah's newest real estate buy, a compound on an #island off the coast of #Washington…
Cecil enjoying the breathtaking #view at Lake Agnes, 7002 ft high. @rushfootrevolution .
. #beautiful…
Mutlu akşamlar twitter ailesi ❤️
Have a nice evening my twitter family ❤️
Pire Limanı / Yunanistan

#Greece #Pire…
We’ve got a great #view of #NiagaraFalls right now. The #hydroelectric plants along Niagara generate nearly 5 milli…
#view ❤️ w: Wzgórze Zamkowe w Cieszynie
#view from my office right now. Hmmmm. @ Fire Island Pines, New York
Quick warm up at the ski lodge between hitting the slopes!

Have more peak life experiences! Learn more:…
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