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How To Install A Custom Ringtone For Discord! How To Install A Custom Ringtone For Discord! LINKS: BetterDiscord: https://betterdiscord.net/home/ BandagedBD: ...
How to Use Vocaroo This video shows you how to record and download a sound file. It also shows you how to upload it to a BlackBoard assignment.
Vocaroo - How To Record Audio on the Web Shows how to use the website Vocaroo.com to record quick audio and do something with it.
Free Audio Recorder: How to Use Vocaroo For all of your audio-buckaroos out there, here is the tool that cuts through the bull hockey and gets you a sharable audio clip faster than a sheep can shake its ...
Using Vocaroo to upload a recording of your voice on a Moodle Forum This clip is part of the "How to Use Moodle in the English Classroom" Nationwide English Teachers Workshop in the framework of Pisga Holon, Israel - April ...
Hướng dẫn upload bản thu âm lên vocaroo Hướng dẫn thu âm + upload bản thu lên vocaroo.com Thực hiện trên: Laptop Hệ điều hành: window 7 Mic thu âm: M9.
Making a Vocaroo How to use audio recordings in your classroom.
Use Vocaroo To Submit A Voice File This video shows how to record your voice with Vocaroo, save a file as an MP3 with Vocaroo, and how to upload the MP3 as an assignment in Google Drive.
Upload a video from vocaroo to moodle This is how you can record yourself and upload the recording to moodle.
Vocaroo Tutorial This is a quick tutorial on vocaroo.com, a free web app that allows you to record audio from your computer's microphone or upload audio files and then post the ...
How to Use Vocaroo to Make Voice Recordings How to Use Vocaroo to Make Voice Recordings. Make voice recordings and share them on your blog.
Vocaroo, QR Codes and Google Docs Learn how to easily record your voice, generate an accompanying QR Code and place it in your Google Doc for interactive Reports.
How to record your voice on Vocaroo.mp4 Instructions as to how to record one's voice with Vocaroo, save the recording as an mp3 and upload it onto the ELO.

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