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Honestly, Scourge will live on. So glad I met this dork.
Vriska cosplay and photo cred; @sincerely.spoopy

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"That girl" by All Time Low
This is a humanstuck scourgecest aesthetic (aka Human Terezi and Vriska from Homestuck )
#theaddictartistedits .
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Vriska and Terezi I made this because I felt like doing Vriska's voice and then I found this pesterlog and just went with the flow. I only own my voice. Pesterlog: http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=004137.
Team Scourge at their antics again! We had switched glasses, and she took my cane and Scalemate for posing! #lcac #homestuckcosplay #homestuck #teamscourge #vriskaandterezi
My design and drawing of Spider, the Vrisrezi kid! #vrisrezi #vriska #vriskaserket #terezipyrope #terezi #vriskaandterezi #art #myartwork #homestuck#homestuckreborn
♏ Vrisrezi ♎ ● Sweet Escape ● Homestuck ᵐᵉᵖ ᵖᵃʳᵗ wow it's something i didn't literally edit in 20 minutes! but really wow i put a lot of effort in to this and im v happy with it ;u; i kenw this song was fast paced but i started editing...
♏ Vrisrezi ♎ ● Heavy Dirty Soul ● Homestuck ᵐᵉᵖ ᵖᵃʳᵗ it's good to be back editing! this was the first part i did since coming off hiatus ;u; i fucking love vriska and terezi dude i fucking love htme btw im a thirsty bitch who loves likes on...
Live Equius (a homestuck commercial) | CuddleDuds Cosplay Buy your Live Equius today!!! (not really) Nepeta: Sketch Equius: Lyrix Equius voice: our loving father!!! WE DO NOT OWN HOMESTUCK,
Vriska and Terezi/Dave and Karkat MEP Parts -We Came To Party- Created with Movie Studio Platinum- I couldn't decide on which version I liked better, so I included both. FULL MEP: This MEP has been canceled.
AMKE 2016: Friday [Homestuck] The first day of Anime Milwaukee 2016 is underway! Join Vriska and Terezi as they giggle their way through the con with the help of a friend... and his name is JOHN CENA! Meanwhile, Kanaya...
[Vrisrezi] ♥/♦ In Love with a Girl || Homestuck Hey, Jessie here! One of the co-editors of SoNinjeXx wishing a Happy Birthday to the other co-editor. So...HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOPHIE! I know that you really love the Scourge Sisters so I spent...
✖️Character: Vriska and Terezi✖️
✖️{Tags} #homestuck #comic #comicweb #web #online #game #videogame #friends #bae #bestfriend #vriska #terezi #vriskaandterezi #scourgecest #scourgesisters #scourgeteam #tumblr ✖️
Dont Panic {Vriska and Terezi } it fit so well together ♡ song : Don't Panic By Clarity ♡Animation : Homestuck.
Vriska and Terezi: Christmas Chaos Crafting (Homestuck Cosplay) Please watch in HD! Exactly three years ago the very first Homestuck Cosplay Video was uploaded on this channel. To celebrate this here's another Christmas related Video with me and Lucky...
Chelsea TC: No No BrO, i DoN't WaNnA kNoW, dOn'T eVeN tElL mE. TC: kNoWiNg ShIt JuSt StEaLs Up AlL tHe FuCkIn MaGiC fRoM mY mIrAcLeS lIkE a MoThErFuCkIn ThIeF. TC: AnD tHaT aIn'T cOoL. I should question...
Vriska Serket Makeup Tutorial Firstly, the wig i currently have is shit so. my bad. And secondly, yes all my songs are Twenty One Pilots okay you wanna fight All copyright goes to the owners.
Vriska And Terezi Sexy,naughty,bitchy Vriska and terezi sing this song sexy, naughty, bitchy by Britney Spears. This is not a shipping video. Only for vriska and Tavros and terezi and gam zee. The pics aren't mine.
Take Me to Wonderland Male Vriska and Terezi We only own the cloths on our backs. We don't own the Character or Music.
Say Geronimo [HOMESTUCK MEP] Finally after 3 months it is done! Thanks yo everyone who partciated, and zoie theawesome for filling in a part! Part 1: ItsGabric (John) Part 2: Nekomimi (Johnvris) Part 3: XxDraqonqirlxX...
My 8's don't look anything like B's lmao
But I haven't drawn Vris in forever and also there is a bad Terezi drawn from memory. Hoping to pull together a Vriska Cosplay before costume day on spirit week but I'm ...
Vriska and Terezi Shop For Cake Vriska and Terezi have a mini adventure trying to find cake for Sollux's wriggling day. They also get stopped quite a number of times off-camera. Wolfie as Vriska Eternal as Terezi.
Ah yes, my friend Juliette and I. Apparently we shall now be making short cute lil comic thingies about ourselves
the scourge sisters thing is a lil joke bc she calls me Vriska and or Spiderbitch bc apparently I am ...
(( yup, sorry I haven't been on e.e busy..o3o anyway, I love doctor who, and for comic con my friend and I are Cosplaying at the scourge sister 0w0 I'll be terezi, and she will be vriska -w- )) #amy ...

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