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The risks from Trump pulling US troops out of Syria Fox News national security analyst Walid Phares on President Trump's decision to pull U.S. troops out of Syria.
Congratulations to Brazil & President-Elect Bolsonaro My message of congratulations to President-Elect Jair Messias Bolsonaro and the Brazilian people for the victory. Sending my best from Trump International ...
Jamal Khashoggi was accidentally killed during interrogation: report Fox Business foreign policy analyst Walid Phares on the report that Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi was accidentally killed.
Message of Solidarity with Jair Bolsonaro Dr. Walid Phares (Washington, D.C) on September 18th, 2018.
Economic management of Turkey has suffered for years: Walid Phares Former Trump foreign policy adviser Walid Phares on mounting tensions between Israel and Hamas and Turkey's financial crisis.
Walid Phares discusses Paris stabbing suspect French authorities say the suspect in a deadly stabbing attack in Paris was flagged as a potential terror risk; Walid Phares reacts on 'America's News HQ.
Sanctions aren’t enough to end Iran’s nuclear program: Walid Phares Fox News foreign policy analyst Walid Phares discusses Iran's response to President Trump pulling out of the nuclear deal and why sanctions won't be enough ...
Iran nuclear deal didn't work: Walid Phares Fox News Foreign Policy Expert Walid Phares on the Iran nuclear deal.
Walid Phares reacts after Iran denounces airstrikes on Syria Iranian officials reportedly made calls to Syrian leaders in wake of U.S.-led airstrikes; Fox News national security analyst Dr. Walid Phares weighs in on 'Cavuto ...
Walid Phares talks breakthrough on US-North Korea relations South Korean envoy to meet with Chinese leaders on U.S.-North Korea. Fox News national security analyst provides insight. FOX News Channel (FNC) is a ...
World Over - 2017-12-07 - Jerusalem and Mideast Peace, Walid Phares with Raymond Arroyo DR WALID PHARES, foreign policy and Middle East expert on the Trump administration's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel ...
Saudi Arabia shakeup could change Middle East economy: Walid Phares Fox News national security expert Walid Phares reacts to the sweeping anticorruption crackdown in Saudi Arabia.
Dr. Walid Phares: More vetting is the only fix Fox News national security and foreign affairs analyst weighs in.
Walid Phares: We need to win the war against the ideology Fox News foreign policy analyst discusses the ongoing global terror threat.
Dr. Walid Phares on the change of tactics against ISIS Fox News national security analyst on the U.S. adopting annihilation tactics against the terror group; insight on 'America's Newsroom'
Walid Phares on the 'web' of Iran's influence in the Mideast Fox News national security and foreign affairs analyst and former foreign policy adviser to the Trump campaign discusses Tehran's influence in the Middle East.
World Over - 2017-03-30– Terrorism and the West, Walid Phares with Raymond Arroyo DR. WALID PHARES, national security and foreign policy expert discusses the recent terror attack in London, what it says about the terror threat in Europe and ...
Walid Phares on US-Iran relations under President Trump Fox News national security and foreign affairs analyst provides insight on 'America's News HQ'
Interview avec Dr. Walid Phares, conseiller en politique étrangère de Donald J. Trump [France info- blog France 2 Washington D.C.] Interview du Dr. Walid Pares par Jacques Cardoze.
Walid Phares at the Donald Trump Rally in Leesburg, Virginia 11-6-2016 Walid Phares - Trump Rally in Leesburg, Virginia - Nov. 6th 2016.
Walid Phares on terrorism: World battlefield much wider than ever before Trump foreign policy advisor Waleed Phares on global terror threats.
Walid Phares on President Obama's biggest mistake in Syria Insight from the Fox New Middle East and terrorism analyst and foreign adviser for Donald Trump.
Walid Phares on Trump’s meeting with Mexico’s president Walid Phares, foreign policy advisor to Donald Trump, on the candidate's immigration plan and his meeting with Mexico's president.
Walid Phares: Iran agreement 'worst deal ever signed' Fox News contributor and national security adviser for the Trump campaign weighs in on 'Hannity'
Walid Phares: Trump is narrowing Muslim ban proposal Fox News contributor and Trump national security adviser provides insight on 'America's News HQ'
Dr. Walid Phares: ISIS in America Recorded at Center for Security Policy's National Security Group Lunch on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, December 15, 2015. Dr. Walid Phares, Co-Secretary ...
What are Iran's True Intentions: Walid Phares As the Obama Administration continues to move forward negotiating with Iran, there has been little attention paid to the underlying motivations of the Islamic ...
The ACT! for America Show, Episode 8 - Special Guest Dr. Walid Phares Featuring ACT! for America exclusive interview with Dr. Walid Phares.

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