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New boots! Happy birthday to me! 😍 #watsonattawesternworld #ariatboots #boonenc
We are excited that it is March, the days are getting longer, brighter β˜€οΈand are also super excited to have @watsonattawesternworld join the Miss Macie Boots family. πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ’•Be sure to visit their store and check out the Miss Macie boots ...
Behind The Mic - John Roten This week, we go behind the mic with host of the Roten in the Morning Show, John Roten. His program is sponsored by Watsonatta Western World and can be heard weekdays, 6am to 10am on Highway...
Oh ya know just Cowboys from Canada wearing the wrangler wrancher polyester dress jeans from the one and only Watsonatta Western World in #boonenc #watsonattawesternworld #watsonatta #westernwear
Boone is always so good to me!! Finally found a hat I love!* #cowgirl #bestfriend #boone #watsonattawesternworld #jmoore
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