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There are days where I want to rule the world. Travel, seek adventure... live large. Other days I just want to live a quiet content life. Give me a small, humble house and some wood to chop for the fire ...
@casaenelagua is built on a cement block, that was lowered on to the ground of the sea. Around the foundation of the house, a coral reef formed. The casa lies within the Rosario and San Bernardo Corals National Natural Park, ...
New video I directed for French artist @YannHouri who describes his installation with the following words: "refocusing humans in the present moment through an imposing and unifying installation. Shifting our relationship with time, changing our mechanical and usual view ...
Wet, cold, damp and windy. That’s what weather we have here at the moment. Parts of North England and Scotland have lots of snow ❄️ Not ideal photography weather, so a return to a scene in the country that I ...
"Gratitude Spills!"
As The Light Of Sun!
Dispelling All Darkness;
That One Carried For Long!
Artist & Poets are story-tellers, so today I wish to tell you a story, of a girl, she lived deep in woods, engulfed with ...
📍Barcelona, Spain 🇪🇸
I loved Gingham, where did it go? 😭
"Nenek Sintowati" mamanya wonder woman gua. Yang selalu bercerita tentang sejarah. Dimana pernah merasakan seberapa pait dijajah sampai menangis bahagia ketika mendengar Proklamasi.

P.s : iya tau kok mukanya gaada mirip" nya sama gua. #whpfindthelight
Children see magic because they look for it ✨

#heathermoon🌙 #raisingbabylutterloh

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