Yung swank lam ang aw

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LIOWN - A HO E (HOOK) i lam zak a maw A HO E...Mi mitmei i veng maw A HO HLE MAI i in ngamlo maw A HO E...Ruih nawi i hlau a maw A HO HLE MAI Haw tlai i hlau maw A HO ...
SIRAP TOURNEY 35 | IN NGHAHNA - 2 Beat - Noras - Ngura D Gis - Young Tyrant - Yuty Bully.
G'nie feat Jeffry (freddys Nightmare) - Lal thian / Rim Risk 2017 G'nie feat Jeffry (freddys Nightmare) - Lal thian (Rim Risk) Mizo hla mizo songs mizo band 135 mizo, 1st impression mizo, 2 leh 4 mizo, 3 idiots in mizo 3, 3 idiots mizo 1, 3 idiots mizo version,...
YUNG SWANK - Bawihte Ka Home Record Satliah mai2 :v UangThuang Record..Ent :v In lo hlimpui emaw in sawisel pawn a poilo a ziaa a ziaa ka eng ah mah a thawk lo...Awle Lawm E...Gangzia...Vee a.
Lazzy Ralte- Duhlai(official) selna paltlanglo hlohtling an awm nge mo!
Lol ft Stan - "Zan Khat" Ekhai .... an opponent ten karhnih karthum an thang hnuah an mahni chuan Zankhat lek an thang anih hi.
YUNG SWANK & Rs Da Marshall - i piancham(Birthday Song) He hla hi kan nau Martin Lalremruata a tan a kan siam a ni e... In lo ngaithla ve threuh dawn niaa...
YUNG SWANK - Kan Star Che He Hla hi Star Deuh nei te tan ka hlan e.
"Starry Eyed" Yung HD ft. Jizzle "Swank" Rogers Follow on twitter @TheRealYungHood @ArjayJizzle @TwistUpENt.
Young swank rap battle Bored at evergreen wait for are track bus to come.

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