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Krampus and Santa just came by and high fived their lists. What did you do? 7x hot Mala Samyang hot chicken ramen in stock now. Naughty or nice??
Nutcrackers need not apply.
We are big fans of natto.
These are cool cups.
Chocolate burgers are just what the stockings ordered!
🎼 bagged chestnuts in front of my space heater, bundled up in blankets fighting cold 🎼 might not have the same catchy ring as chestnuts on an open fire. We’re just saying, we don’t judge and these are pretty tasty.
Now that’s a stocking stuffer. Woo pig, indeed!
An elf told us that you were really, really good this year. Sounds like you deserve a Kracie kind of sale. Also, 3 new types! No coal for you!
You know they are all bringing the casseroles and the festive dips, holiday party champion. Up your holiday game and lighten your kitchen load - green tea KitKats are on sale for the holiday.
Maybe Santa is tired of cookies? Get yourself on the good list. Ho! Ho! Ho!
Oh. Well hello.
Fresh Wednesday!
A rainy day calls for a cup of tea. New designs available at the shop now.
End of November warm weather may be harshing on that winter vibe, but we’ll get some “snow” either way.
These sold so fast the first time we got them, we couldn’t even post a picture. They’re back. Hustle if you want some!
This single tea cup with pot is adorbs.
Dreams of spring in every bowl.
Make mine a spicy Saturday.
Tang’s is open regular hours (10 - 9) and their deli is open. High fives all around.
We are thankful for everyone who made us a part of their day over the years, some single visits to weekly and daily routines. To many NWA communities - the Marshallese, Islanders, Chinese, Hispanic, and many, many others- who have ...
Happy Thanksgiving! We are open today until 6. We still have some unreserved deli items, but we highly suggest you call to reserve - they will go very fast today.
Fresh Wednesday. Reminder: we are open tomorrow from 10-6!
Plan a mental escape. #islanddreaming
Matcha Ramune, say hello.
Whew. Mondays, amirite?!
Jasmine, brown jasmine, sweet/glutinous, black sweet, brown sweet, brown, red cargo, sushi, koshihikari, haiga, gaba, short, medium, long, and mixed grain. Oh...seven and eight mixed grains. We are just saying - keep your options open.

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