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Church youth group trip to six flags! #holinessisright #thesewasthefastestones #stillare #notmetho #iwearsmytightpants 😊 | #queen Sweatshirt by @ofuure
Don't try me try Jesus k
I have PLENTY to be thankful for!!! God bless you all! Happy Thanksgiving!!
Coulda SWORE I posted this but I don't see it here anymore πŸ€”.... anywho this was me Saturday for #h4h17
Sent to me from @love_is_cc .... Who me? What would I do? Oh nothing. He knows not to even LOOK at that plate. She can make a thousand plates if she wants to. Granny and nem can eat until their ...
I got one more flight and its two hours. Somebody try missing me this time k!! #yallgonequittreatingmelikeidontmatter
I mean I STAY shut so up! #helpfultipsfromgoo
Jacket @gap | skirt @boutiquejrenee
For that is the EXACT way people feel about you k. #focusonthegood
@jam_alert shouldn't have told me that I could come get him tomorrow. I'm never going to go to sleep tonight! I'm thinking of our songs and games and kisses and the fort that I'm going to build around my bed ...
Lip gloss poppin
Get to know ppl for yourself ... #hfh17
@woadysworld #charlotte
#h4h17 #girlpower panel try not to focus on @joseline thigh k.... @c_brewton THANK YOU for having me! @moniqueidlett @kashdoll I luh yall k!
Aaaaaaawwwesome panel with these ladies!!! @joseline @moniqueidlett @c_brewton #girlpower at #h4h17
Headed to #hopefortheharvest !!! Hey #charlotte !!!
***LISTEN*** The way @katysnails did my nails and @ana.a_nails did my pedicure tho!!! EXCELLENT JOB!!! Plus they're sweet so y'all already know I done fell in love with them and allat!!! THANK YOU LADIES!!! #charlottenails
If it's funny I'm laughing k!
This was my JAAAAAAAM!!! I'm in this room HOLL'n!!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #twins #classic
On this flight looking THEW! Gonna pull it together once I land. Where should I go in #charlotte tonight??? Eating is always good!
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The Rev. Jamie Johnson, who directs the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Center for Faith-Based & Neighborhood Partnerships, has reportedly blamed African Americans for turning major U.S. cities into β€œslums” and called Islam a β€œthreat ...
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ITS TIME TO LEVEL UP πŸ’« WHO RUNS THE WORLD! #girls!! Calling all charlotte's powerful ladies for an afternoon of #girlpower with one of our panelist ...
Hear I come North Carolina!!! #notpackedatall πŸ™ƒ
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πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›We are so excited to announce we are adding to our line up for this week November 18-21 2017. We have so many exciting events this week and hope you join us ! ..... and ...
Yea sooooo I learned this routine tonight. This is @_t_hawk32 doing it. Just take my word for it. Learned it and performed it too. But my presentation looks about like 20% of this. I dance like i love Lucy. But ...

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