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Joy; it's an inside job. Choose joy and choose it every day.
It all begins with the heart.

Featuring Heart Reminder Ring in rose gold vermeil and gold vermeil.
Tonight's plans. There are at least 100 billion stars in the universe, and 2 trillion galaxies in the observable universe.
Did you know our gold and rose gold Reminder Chains and Rings are made in vermeil? Vermeil is a historical French technique of coating a thick layer of gold or rose gold on sterling silver. It's beautiful in its appearance and is similar to ...
Exciting news for our friends in Dubai. A selection of Reminder Bracelets (Reminder Chains included!) can now be found at @hautletic.

Featuring Acceptance Reminder Chain Handwritten in gold vermeil.
Santa might not always be right, but it's true that the holiday season can get stressful for most. Feeling the pressure from the impending festivities? We share our best tips to keep the holidays stress-free on Our Notebook. Read at
Entering the festive season with heart, hope and lots of joy. 🌟

Featuring Hope Reminder Braid in Classic rose gold and warm grey, Heart Reminder Braid in Classic gold and burgundy, and Joie de Vivre Reminder Braid in Classic silver and ...
"By doing breath work you can go from being dazed and confused to grounded and loving. It opens up your receptors to the world around you. It’s crazy how something most of us do subconsciously can affect everything we do. It all ...
“Becoming aware of my mental chatter was one of the most revelatory experiences for me. Most people have a steady stream of input from their brains that they aren’t even aware of. It is usually counter productive, but can be ...
Can't handle rejection? We chat with Bridget Malcolm, Victoria's Secret model, animal rights activist and our newest TMC supporter. She shares her perspective on failure, self-care practices and tells us what her favourite Reminder is (hint: it’s something you do every day) on Our Notebook. ...
"Today on the blog! It's a #bbcollab all about breathe with @themindfulcompany ❤ (just in time for Christmas!)" - @bridgetmalcolm

Bridget is wearing Breathe Reminder Cuff in Classic Rose Gold.
This month's free wallpaper download was designed in collaboration with talented illustrator and story artist, @hsulynn. The second of three free Wallpaper of the Months, Hsulynn drew inspiration from each chosen quote to create her beautiful botanical illustrations. This month's reminder encourages you to embrace your quirks. Download at
Only three styles left. Thank you all for the wonderful support! Our limited edition collection with Singapore Association for Mental Health @samh_events is almost sold out. Get them before it's gone 😉
How we wish all Mondays are like - cosied up in bed with a good book, a cup of joe with some of our favourite jewellery 💭

Photo credit to @smindful.
A treat sweeter than candy: Free custom engravings with any purchase of a Reminder Bracelet. Use code NOVSPECIAL at checkout to redeem. Holiday special ends tonight at 11.59PM.
Love the botanical prints in our previous wallpaper of the month? Meet @hsulynn, the talented illustrator behind the work. She shares about the inspiration behind her debut picture book, and the lessons she learnt while pursuing a career in illustration on Our Notebook. Read from our ...
A twist on the classic skinny ring. The Twist Knot ring, also known as the "promise" ring, is a reminder of the promises you wish to keep.
Featuring Twist Knot ring in 14k gold vermeil.
"Love is like pi – natural, irrational, and very important." - Lisa Hoffman

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Want to know what centenarians think about life? We share a list of our favourite words of wisdom from 100-year-olds about purpose, love and happiness on Our Notebook. Read from our link in profile.
Looking to add a personal message? We’re offering free engravings with any purchase of a Reminder Bracelet with code NOVSPECIAL until 26 November, 11.59PM.

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Make your holiday gifts extra personal with an engraving. We're spreading some holiday cheer with free engravings with any purchase of a Reminder Bracelet. Use code NOVSPECIAL at checkout to redeem. Holiday special ‪ends 26 November, 11.59PM‬ SGT.
There's something romantic
about the way raindrops
fall to the earth.
They slowly cleanse it,
make it new
and nourish it to
grow its beauty organically,
even when it appears 
like the sky is crying.
— Chrissie Pinney

Featuring Raindrop ...
In collaboration with @booksactually, we bring you a series of book reviews. This round we review photobook, How Loneliness Goes by Instagram-famous photographer Nguan. Praised as "a masterful colour portrait of quiet urban lives", Nguan captures the everyday sights we tend to ...
Thank you @littlemissscb for sharing this beautiful shot of our Warrior Reminder Cuff! "Take things one day at time. Truly blessed to have the people I have in my life. Thank you to my little warrior @mandasumi. This means so much xx"

We love ...
“True” is a reminder that the world will try to tell you who you are, but remember that you decide your truth. “When I was a child my mother said to me, ‘If you become a soldier, you’ll be a general. ...
To infinite possibilities 🥂

Featuring Infinity Knot in Sterling Silver.
“Able” is a reminder that you are capable of all that you put your heart and mind to.
Featuring Able Letter Charm bracelet in Rose Gold vermeil.
An iconic duo: the Raindrop Ring symbolises hope and renewal, while the Heart Ring is a reminder to bravely live your life with an open heart and open mind.
Featuring Heart and Raindrop Ring in Gold Vermeil.
If you could have anything in the world, what would you ask for? We posed this question to 100 random people. Their intriguing answers and our conclusions on Our Notebook. Link in profile.
Today on #tmcfaqfridays, we answer the question that many of you have been asking: Can I customise a Reminder bracelet?

Each Reminder bracelet comes pre-engraved with a meaningful reminder. But we know that a personal message adds extra meaning. Did you ...

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