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cloud floam!1!!1!1!!??
Lemon Let Die
scented like citrus/lemons
2 available, link in bio!
The texture is very unique, it's my own creation. I call it Icing Slime. It's so soft, stretchy, and thicccc
I might give out the recipe to a few ...
Old video, like old. Old setup, old nails. I miss my nails 😂
Purchase from my etsy shop (link in bio!) so I can get beautiful nails again!
Edit: I only took out like two oz of it ...
will it upload?
Pink lemonade -
Ya so I just got home from school and all I've eaten today is a banana and like tbh I'm not even really that hungry or at least I'm too lazy to go eat so yeah..
Banana split slushee
Smells so good, I'm obsessed. 🤤🤤
Yes, a new filming postition... a lot of you said you didn't like it but it's a whole lot easier to film.
{qotd: what would you do if ...
Peach fluff
I like this sleim lol. Should I sell it? Also I have 3 Halloween sleims for Halloween restock, I've been Supah busy w school and stuff, but I think I can get it done by sat... also ...
Peppermint ice cream! ❤️
Smells like peppermint!! 🤤🤤
#slimey #slime#crunchy#floam#asmr#asmrpoking#stretch#stress #handsanitizer #candycane#peppermint
blue fruit floam😍
Ahh I have a lot of this so dm me if you're interested in trading or buying ♥️
It's so crunchy I love it.
Qotd: what kind of phone do you have??
Pink lemonade fishbowl by @slimebylili 🎀
Start of my brand new beautiful feed! I love my shiny yellow background! If you guys can hear my neighbors extremely loud music I'm sorry! 🎀
Qotd: how did you find my account???
Rainbow crazy pills👅♥️
New theme!
Qotd: does it rain a lot where you live? -
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