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Do not touch. ⠀
So I got to thinking the other day, what am I holding on to?⠀

You are no longer here, no longer physically with us, yet we carry the memory of you in our hearts and minds. It then occurred ...
What do you think?⠀
Kiss me where it hurts the most,⠀
Where it’s numb and cold—⠀
As skin turns to gold and hearts melt and roast.⠀

Céline Zabad, “Sunshine”⠀
Close. ⠀
Speechless. ⠀
About A Scar
Christmas is just around the corner. When I think of Christmas I think of ... ⠀

Comment below- 1,2,3 go!⠀
Jingle all the way. ⠀
Who gives you Goosebumps? ⠀
"The very things that hold you down are going to lift you up."⠀

- Dumbo⠀
Told you so. ⠀
He loves you.⠀
He loves you not.⠀
Love yourself lots,⠀
And just let him rot…⠀
Céline Zabad, “Marguerite’s Response”⠀
Tag whoever would be the main subject of your story. ⠀
We spoke poetry.⠀
Now we speak silence.⠀

Céline Zabad, “Fluent”⠀
If your life were a story, what would be the genre? ⠀
You came into my life, made a mess, and left. … And they wonder why they name hurricanes and storms after people. Céline Zabad, “Meteorology” ⠀
Bare. ⠀
We don’t talk anymore.⠀
I’m here and you’re there;⠀
We’ve both closed that door.⠀

Only it’s unlocked…⠀

Céline Zabad, “Closure”⠀
Black & white and the beauty of good old days. I love the past because it holds everything dear to my heart. As a child, I would try to live every moment to the fullest, keeping in mind what the ...
Tight Corners. ⠀
That moment when your eyes lock only to look away swiftly and timidly,⠀
Because you got lost merely at the depths of a soul’s surface.⠀

Céline Zabad, “In Lost”⠀
What if? ⠀
Where the sidewalk ends⠀

Is where I will begin⠀
To grow and mend⠀
The path from within,⠀
For it is only then⠀
That the road not taken⠀

Where the sidewalk ends.⠀
Céline Zabad, “Silverstein Frost”⠀
Ambiguity. ⠀
You got inside my head.⠀

You seeped through the syllables of every word, reading between fine lines of wrinkles and soul prints. Tell me, was it dark enough? They say a mind like mine is a terrible place, with ...

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